Cannabis Infused Chicken Jerky

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Like to Eat Homemade Jerky? As in no harsh preservatives, no MSG, minimal sodium!

Come enjoy our high protein, low carbs infused snack treat. Perfected by your grandparents, infused by the 420FoodClub

These Cannabis Infused Jerky snacks are made with wholesome herbs and spices and allowed to soak in our Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil, that we do carry for sale per request. Then after the meat has marinated for  24 hours we dehydrate extra slow for the flavor retention only found in our 420FoodClub Chicken Jerky.

Each container has 3 ounces of Chicken Jerky perfect for a high protein energy snack.

This is one of our highest protein, low carbs infused creations. Hand crafted Gourmet Infused Jerky is what we love to create.


Chicken Jerky THC Content/ Cost Breakdown

3 oz Container  /100 MG THC – $9.95

Jerky is extremely hard to stay weight consistent with our Infused Oil, so we are trying to find the happy medium, however we promise to never serve less than 3 oz. of jerky or 100 mg of Infused Oil.

1 review for Cannabis Infused Chicken Jerky

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Talking about the day going better wow. They are great snacks no treats. Love it.

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