We have a mission to revolutionize the way you get your cannabis infused foods!

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Our Mission:

We have a mission to revolutionize the way you get your cannabis infused foods by delivering to your door fully customized, cooked to order, highest quality edibles. We’re a gourmet food cooking service building a relationship between ourselves and our clients so we can bring to you what you want, when you want it. And you can be comfortable knowing that you are getting the highest quality available from people who know what we are doing.

The Cannabis and the Courier:

One half of our business is Turista, a local grower who maintains organically grown crops of Indicas and Sativas insuring all of our single-source batches have at least 20% THC. He also oversees the delivery of the product fast and fresh to your door. With years of experience as a grower and delivery driver for one of LA’s largest delivery dispensaries he knows this business and is happy to be at your service.

The Recipes and Cooking:

The other half of 420 Food Club is Matt. He researches and develops the recipes and personally cooks or oversees every batch we make. Matt is the operator of RuffHouse Studios which is a Cannabis Culture YouTube channel with 350,000 subscribers! His YouTube video for the brownies recipe has over 3 million views and outrageously positive feedback and ratings.

You may have seen us as RuffHouse Studios on YouTube!